58 avenue Edouard VII - 64200 Biarritz
Tel: + 33 (0)5 59 24 58 58

Restaurant LMB Biarritz

The atmosphere at LMB Biarritz which plays harmoniously with precious materials and the effects of dim light is an invitation to relax and enjoy.

Rémy Le Bretton, our Chef, offers an extremely simple menu infused with the creativity and imagination of fine restaurants while not forgetting the value of the classics. He creates a symphony of enchanting flavours on our palates while taking care to delight our eyes. It is both easy and advisable to surrender to the temptations of this cosmopolitan, elegant and refined restaurant.

43 quai des Belges - 13001 Marseille
Tel: +33 (0)4 91 55 67 46

Restaurant LMB Marseille

A beautiful white dining room which recalls the atmosphere of the rocky inlets, a pebble wall and touches of warm colour that varies with the seasons; this is the LMB Marseille, the design jewel of the Old Port.

The cuisine, inspired by the Mediterranean, is an invitation to escape. Its inspired simplicity reflects the identity of the Old Port and the dishes served reflect the city’s diversity. The terrace restaurant has the Old Port as a backdrop. A veritable feast for the senses! Welcome to Marseille.

2 rue de Lagny - 77600 Jossigny
Tel: + 33(0)1 64 02 24 27

The Bistrot de L’Auberge Jossigny

Under the supervision of Yann Zwyg, our Chef, the Bistrot has been completely redesigned in 2013, has taken on a new dimension. Traditional Italian dishes and pizzas are always there, always deliciously transalpine. But, in the daily specials,  in some desserts and in principals the strength of French tradition makes its presence felt.

The Bistrot is a friendly place to share gastronomic cultures in a clear and spacious room inviting relaxation.

2 rue de Lagny - 77600 Jossigny
Tel: + 33(0)1 64 02 24 27

L’Auberge du Cheval Blanc Jossigny

The main room of the Auberge du Cheval Blanc Restaurant is an evocation of a large country house family room. Our tradition is attached to the best products of our countryside’s, to the authentic, imaginative and valuable creativity of our “Carte”, highlighted by an impressive choice of wines.

Yann Zwysig is a young promising Chef, with an already significant training. He just took the reins of the Auberge’s kitchen encouraged and supported by his team and his leadership. With a degree in international gastronomy, Yann made his classes at prestigious Café Lenôtre and le Pré Catelan, and then started serving starred Chefs through France in order to coined his experience.

Now he joined our team and found its place here, bringing his own vision of accessible and contemporary cuisine, following our tradition of generosity and high quality, in a warm and gourmet proposition of menus and card. The desire to delight us is obvious, let’s show no resistance …

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